I have a secret life
that even I don't know about yet.



Ode to Brownie Coop

I love watching your two episodes of Walker, Texas Ranger over and over and over and over.

Sometimes, when we are sitting on the couch together I think of you as Mullet Fingers in Hoot.
I like you better than Mullet Fingers.

I love Oasis and you know that Wonderwall is my favorite song.
When I listen to you signing it on your myspace page it's ten favorite songs all at once.

Someday I want to be on dancing with the stars and just read books on stage instead of dancing. I will light a vigil for you as I do this.

You know I want to marry Amy, it is no secret. But I second guessed when I saw you jumping over that chair on Jimmy Kimmel.

I am sorry about your appendix.
I am sorry you lost on dancing with the stars.
When I can't call you I watch your episodes of Hannah Montana and pretend to be Miley.

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