I have a secret life
that even I don't know about yet.



blog progression or how i think of this blog in my real life

as this blog moves along I will be taking note of how I think of it. This is the first note.

When I started this blog I wanted no one to know who wrote it. I always think everyone is going to sue me these days. Hypervigilance. But now it doesn't matter to me so much. I make a point to make the posts not about ken, and to make sure he is not defamed in any way by this site.

When I was younger I studied poet's lives a good deal. I would say I know more about the poet's life and the context of the poems, than the poems themselves. I remember in high school, having never read the waste land, and sitting down to help someone with the reading of it. I felt like I was bullshitting them, but everything I was saying (on this, five seconds after my first reading of the poem) was related in one way or another to the possums life story and this he had said in the past. I'm not sure why that is important, but it felt important.

This site is unofficial.

I will let you know, I started this site because alot of people out there still have links to this page. I pirate those links. I get about 22 hits a day, and I don't know how many people realize this isn't ken baumann. There I said it, if you have read this far, this isn't ken baumann. He blogs at a new address. I think there is no dash on that one. I really like ken, and am amazingly impressed with everything he has done at such a young age.

I am curious if anyone ever has real conversations with people they meet on the web. I send out personal emails and never get responses. They must be too long. Sometimes I try to keep the emails short, but that is boring to me. I like everything too long. I like things to remain mysteries even after you have entered them and their form seems like a habit. I want there to still be hidden things at that point.

It is like people's mean side comes out on the internet. I want my nice underbelly to show. The sweet core.

Back to about this blog. link to it as baumannish if you like it. but know there are real baumann's out there. They have more prestige than I. I write the writer entries off the top of my head and am sure they would be better with research. I like to see how much I can remember from studying when I was younger, trying to bring it all back. I still intend to write more about reznikoff, some oppen, more about all the modernists (as that and objectivists is what i know most about), i will cover alot of writers from modernism through the new york school. Poets only. I don't know anything special about fictioners. David Robinson is really cool though. So is adam robinson. They will always be brothers in my mind.


  1. Martin:

    I have been reading and enjoying this blog since its inception. Even the semi-satirical stuff about me I found really funny and on the nose. So, what I'm saying is this: Keep it up. You've got a faithful reader in me.

    And thank you for the admiration and respect. It's mutual.


  2. A secret is information that is kept hidden from others as in the practice of secrecy.

  3. please do not stop posting on this.

  4. ken,
    I am very glad you are enjoying. This makes me feel like I can comment with ease and have fun all day.

    thank you so much. I will really never forget that comment.