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The Generals Play Video Games: a short list of ways the internet, iphones, and technology is effecting my and some other writing in 2009 part 1

This isn't an essay, don't worry. I am going to think about things publicly a little. I think about these things a lot and rarely bring it into public. I am going to make this list with headers. I will try to be as concise as possible.


A newish (decades old) method of editing that can make it tough to tell how much has changed between the first draft and the final product. In this method of editing one may write some, then go back to the beginning and edit word by word. This is like a one step forward, two steps back method of writing. Editing in this method makes it so that by the time something is completed, it has already been edited many times-with no physical evidence of drafting. Sometimes, records of drafts are hidden on the hard drive, or saved with titles like: 'title:1;title2;titlecomplete'. This may be related to the phenomenon of students not showing their work, when completing a math problem on a scientific calculator.


The line made with a typewriter is different than the line written on a computer. Computer editing is not the only reason.

When I write on a typer there is more time taken to physically manipulate the paper and machine; this leads to longer lines of association or a backlogging effect of association (in continuous writing). I get tired faster when working on a typewriter, and at times, when I am too tired I can not work at the typewriter, because thinking about it makes me more tired. In times like those I may put in a piece of paper and leave it. The typewriter leaves one (or some carbon) copy, these can be lost, given away, damaged, or misplaced. However, there is emotion in the typing itself that may move one, when typing into the computer, to become more emotive and related to the initial emotional outpour. This aid often changes poems completely. Basically, it is a writing machine, and nothing else.

The computer acts as a resource and a distraction. The resources give the writer super power like intellect, so long as they continue to write on the project and not get sucked into the web of games and porn and fun fun fun. I mean Kevin Costner is on the web 24/7. How could anyone continue to focus when that is around. Number one resource on the computer: other people. These people can sometimes save from loneliness, aide in projects, and just think generally different. This thinking makes writing on the computer a possibly public experience, something that lacks on the typer. And a computer,over many years, can help teach you how to spell.

I think that both are really important tools for the writer in today's writing life. Neither is needed really, both extra, but both add things. I believe a typewriter phrasing or breath length is different, and helps add versatility, while a computer has resources and connections like an important ceo-it can go either way.


These things are so important. I don't know how so many people managed to do magazines back in the back in the day. That is impressive. This is important, and impressive sometimes, and it doesn't matter. It is a marketplace that doesn't operate on money as much as the wealth of writing being made today. These little things put out ebooks and little books and regular books. They are the sign of a people committed to developing community. I think it is a growing marketplace, that will soon become a minor leagues of publishing. The big presses will see the possibilities, and start to buy things. These presses will start to be put up like top authors, eventually, and stream line so new kind of things into the marketplace- to stimulate the overall marketplace of books and kindle buying. This is just an ideal outlook, but I think it makes sense in the movements of books to digital release, why not try to make money all the way up the book ladder, if the top isn't making as much.


This device is a sign of things to come. It is an iceberg tip. Wow, when I was young I your a vest to carry the books and notebooks and pens and recorders and phone and cd player. A hunting vest, all the time, because I was writing constantly and wanted to read and think with people on paper. If I had an Iphone this wouldn't be needed. That device is a whole vest of things, really crazy-just the start. I borrowed a friend's for an hour at a concert. I wrote two poems standing in the concert crowd. Iphone just means any next generation device at this point.


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