I have a secret life
that even I don't know about yet.



link to martin being martin and some plan notes

sorry. I realized the link doesn't work on here, and instead of fixing it right now I am putting up a post to link you to poems by Martin Wall.

I am doing this to keep a short update, while working on some longer two and three part series. Jack Spicer, Robert Duncan, and Robin Blaser are coming. Out of order. The order is going to hell, I may abandon it. These three are an important team and I was reading The Holy Forest a few nights ago and the power that is between those three returned to me. I love a good group. A team. I think that comes from a mental model produced through my youth in team sports. I will always favor a working team to a solo act. Though I relate more to the solo act, because my teams always fall apart. I am a solo act by default. Only a couple people respond to my emails. I think I come off as overbearing because I treat everyone like they are my only friend in emails. That was a segue. I am working on a suite of brief recaps of the books of letter I have. first up is Pound/Joyce. stayed tuned. please stay tuned.

the power of ken baumann compels you.

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