I have a secret life
that even I don't know about yet.



Secrets about Mini Horses

My parents have a mini horse farm. When I was little I would ride the mini horses around our land. One of them was named Debrah. Debrah was four feet tall and chestnut brown. I used to eat nutella and dance on top of the mini horse riding around the fields.

When I would swim in our pond, Debrah would drink from the water.

When I was twelve my parents sold Debrah to an investment banker from New York. I ran up to the mini horse as he took her. 'Not Debrah!' He said, "Well no, this is not Debrah anymore. It's MidgePidge.'

I am little Kenny Baumann from Riding the 9,
and I am screaming, 'nooooo. not debrah.'
I run toward the pond.

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