I have a secret life
that even I don't know about yet.



who's in my fave five

This commercial was important for me because it made my audience realize that I look like Bob Saget. I like to watch it on youtube sometimes. I like when my 'girlfriend' comes in because I am so ready to go when she asks.

The dad in that commercial was very nice in real life. We went to the Harbinger Bar in the Commercial Concourse of LAX. He got sorta drunk and told me that in real life, I would be allowed to sleep with his daughter. Because I am a good guy, I'm quiet and sweet.

I went out to dinner with the daughter in the commercial. She wore a real short skirt. I walked into the pub and the host said, 'uhoh, you got a boner, holmes.' I wore it proudly.


  1. Before I watched this commercial I read the story behind the commercial. Then when I watched the commercial I was a little disappointed it wasn't longer and didn't show you and the creepy dad getting drunk. I am also disappointed I didn't get to see the girl in a short skirt in the commercial. Oh well.

  2. good story though, didn't mean to knock the commercial either, you did what you could.
    my fav5 is my mom, my dad, my grandmother, and two open spots, never filled them, probably should do that